Sales Spotlight: A Bunch of Stores Have Huge Sales (in honor of our former presidents or something)

A note about the Sales Spotlight Series: Each month, I'll round up the best current sales for you to peruse on your Saturday morning. The links in these post are sometimes affiliated (and sometimes not). This means that I may receive a small commission on any direct sales from the post. While I do appreciate your purchasing a product directly from my links (because it helps me cover the overhead costs of running this blog), the intention of these posts is to share the best online deals I've come across while sourcing for clients.  All of the opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any potential sponsorships or affiliations. Let's save some moolah!

I know a lot of people use Houzz for inspirational photos and to find contractors, but did you know they actually sell items directly on the site? Often they have the same items you can find on Amazon or Wayfair and they're actually cheaper. Right now, they're having a President's Day Sale with items discounted up to 80%. There are a ton of good deals. To see them all, click here. Here are my Top 15 Favorite deals from Houzz. Double click the images to go directly to the item's sale page.

70% Off Cubic Pendant
Original Price -  $117
Sale Price -  $35

I want to see these in a trio above an island or dining table. At this price, you can totally afford to do that. 70% off. 
I can't even. 

Bamboo Kitchen Cart
Original Price - $99
Sale Price - $35

I can feel Spring coming on and I want to organize all the things. This is a stellar deal. Replace the drawer pull and take the wheels off to use in your bathroom. 


Set of Three Apothecary Jars
Original Price - $96
Sale Price - $48

I will never not love apothecary jars. I fill them with cotton balls, fancy soaps, and Q Tips in the bathroom. But I also want to see these with pastel M&Ms for Easter. Or - OH - those tiny little speckled egg candies. Swoon. 

Leather Charging Holster
Original Price - $50
Sale Price - $23

You know those products that you see for the first time and can't stop wishing you'd been the person who invented it. Yeah. This is that for me. Also, why don't I already own ten of these? 

Modern Blue Arm Chair
Original Price - $470
Sale Price - $190

My daughter would love to lounge in this and watch TV. In my office. That's her favorite and my office armchair is nowhere near as comfortable as this thing looks. 


Midcentury Wood and Upholstered Chair
Original Price - $450
Sale Price - $170

If I were a selfish person, I'd keep this one to myself. It's my favorite thing on this list. I'm buying one. Christine doesn't know yet so shhhhh.

Modern Dining Chair
Original Price - $231
Sale Price - $117

Okay. Technically, this is just a hair under 50% off. But oh my it's so cute. I really had to show it to you. I think it's a great deal and please send me your photos when they are delivered so I can drool. 

Low Back Counter Stool
Original Price - $485
Sale Price - $197

I am not making this up. I pinned a very high-end kitchen renovation yesterday that had these exact stools. Or they're a very good knock-off. Either way, I wish I had an eat-in counter for these. 

Tall Modern Floor Lamp 
Copper or Black
Original Price - $150
Sale Price - $75

I can't decide which one I like more. 
No the black one. 
Ugh. They're half off. Buy them both. 

Gold and Glass Etagere
Original Price - $679
Sale Price - $263

I spent three years trying to find this exact shelf at an afforable price for my last house. And you've just been served it up on a silver (gold?) platter. You're welcome. 

Storage Bench
Original Price - $430
Sale Price - $153

I'm really in an organizing mood right now. I've been googling contact paper a lot lately. This is cute. You should put it by the door in your garage to keep people from tracking in all that nasty outside stuff. Sit down. Take your shoes off. 

Farmhouse Dining Chair
Original Price - $213
Sale Price - $86

This is a really. good. deal. 

I can't stress this enough. 

This chair will never go out of style. Ever. Even long after the Farmhouse Modern craze has ended, this chair will be renamed and will continue to be sold at extremely high prices. 


Queen Metal Bed
Original Price - $315
Sale Price - $142

Here's another item I don't think will ever trend out. And this is a stellar bargain. 

Queen Memory Foam Mattress
Original Price - $1200
Sale Price - $408

This is what President's Day sales are all about, so I'd be remiss not to mention one mattress sale. And this one's the best I found on the whole site. 

Glass Pendant Light
Original Price - $240
Sale Price - $60

I love the modern shape of the globe juxtposed against the kind of schoolhouse electric, vintage-y stem kit. Very chic.

So that concludes the Top 15 items from Houzz's President's Day sale. To see all of the items on sale, go here. If you just can't get enough sales posts, head over to Chris Loves Julia for their Saturday Sales post. It's weekly. And it covers everything. - fashion, home, everything. 

I'm going to keep posting these every fourth Saturday. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know if you think I should cover more items (there were like 100 I really wanted to show you) or less. Or let me know if you'd prefer more descriptions or less talky talk. I really want to know. You can also comment below. 

Happy President's Day!

Powder Room Makeover Reveal

Remember that powder room that I picked apart a couple of weeks ago? If you don't recall, here's the post about staging a powder room for resale. Here's a refresher picture.

unstaged powder room.jpg

Confession: That's my powder room. Well, it WAS my powder room. But now, THIS is my powder room. 

powder room makeover reveal.jpg

I have to admit, I got every bit of inspiration for this powder room from that wallpaper. Sourcing a navy grasscloth, I accidentally ordered a sample of this last summer. It sat on my desk for a really, really long time. I would just stare at it. I fall in love very easily, especially with home decor. But this was a little much for even me. I mean, I really obsessed. Eventually, I taped it to the wall in the powder room and just left it there for months, hoping it would grow on Christine. 

the view from my office. I mean, I just.

the view from my office. I mean, I just.

I repainted with the same color that's in my office: Behr Marquis Granite Dust. The only wall that I papered is the very back wall. This is for two reasons; 1. The whole room would be too much pattern and too much money. Wallpaper isn't cheap. This roll was $85. So to keep costs low, always consider how you can make the biggest impact using the smallest amount. Sometimes, this means hanging the wallpaper only above a chair rail or half wall of tile, like this bathroom from At Home With Ashley:

Photo Credit: At Home With Ashley

Photo Credit: At Home With Ashley

Or on the ceiling, like this room from Addison's Wonderland blog:

Photo Credit: Addison's Wonderland blog

Photo Credit: Addison's Wonderland blog

Then there's always a very high picture rail option, like Hi, Sugarplum's bathroom pictured below:

Photo Credit: Hi Sugarplum blog

Photo Credit: Hi Sugarplum blog

The major takeaway is that if you're going to use a very graphic or dark pattern, limit the amount of wall space you dedicate. Less is more. Now, let's see a close-up of my powder room (because I just can't get enough of it):


Here's my view from my office. I've always kept that door closed because my webcam faces the French doors. Now I can't wait to fling those doors open on all of my Skype calls! 

no longer embarrassed to have a toilet in my foyer!

no longer embarrassed to have a toilet in my foyer!

If you want to tackle this project yourself, I have wonderful news for you - IT WAS COMPLETED FOR LESS THAN $500! Here are the sources:

1. Brewster Home Fashions Palm Leaf Wallpaper - Wayfair - $85

2. Willa Arlo Interiors Wall Mirror - Wayfair - $138

3. Custodio 3 Bulb Vanity Light - Wayfair - $75

4. Felix Tumbler - Target - $8

5. Felix Lotion Pump - Target - $10

6. Melody Garden Stool - Amazon - $75

7. Olive & Linen Turkish Hand Towel, Light Grey - Amazon - $15

8. Elegant Home Fashions Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Amazon - $55 (currently 53% off!)

9. JR Watkins Lavender Room Spray Pack of Two - Amazon - $9

10. Faux Eucalyptus Bouquet - Amazon - $10


Items we had leftover from previous projects, but you may need to purchase:
1 quart of Behr Marquis "Granite Dust" in matte - $20
1 quart of Behr Traditional White Ceiling Paint - $15
1 pint of wallpaper paste and various painting supplies - $15

And if you want to see higher resolution photos of the products I used, please visit my FAVORITES page and click on the image below:

Click FAVORITES for Powder Room Makeover Sources

Click FAVORITES for Powder Room Makeover Sources