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 Photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography

Photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography

Hi. I'm Teri. I like cats and wine and I love to laugh! But my real life's passion is home decorating and design.  When other kids were faking sick to go to the movies or get out of an impending test, I would feign illness to catch up on my favorite daytime television stars - Christopher Lowell, Martha Stewart, and Debbie Travis. I cut my decorating teeth at 7 years old when I began helping my mother repaint and wallpaper our home. By 12, I'd single-handedly removed wall-to-wall berber carpet - and tack strips - to expose my childhood bedroom's original hardwoods. (Sorry, Mom and Dad!)
In 2007, I began assisting in the restoration of a 1920s Craftsman in historic Cleveland Park. That experience taught me more than I'd ever learned from TV shows or Home Depot classes, and it ignited a fire in me. I haven't put down my hammer since. Ten years later, and with multiple full-scale home renovations under my belt,  I've decided to unplug the miter saw and shift my full-time focus to design.
I truly love people. I love talking with people. I love helping people. Through the years, I've dedicated countless hours to assisting friends in their own home renovations. In those hours, I've learned my biggest lesson: Everyone has the power to make the home of their dreams with a little guidance. So that's my new life's mission: to give you the skills and a helping hand so you can craft your own dream home. One corner at a time.


Everyone deserves a happy home.
But sometimes clutter, inexperience, indecision, and budgetary constraints can make our homes feel sad.

We believe in providing solid a la carte redesign, decorating, and staging services at an affordable rate. We won't completely oversee a project - that's not our thing. But we can guide you to make mindful decisions based on your tastes and your life structure. After all, who knows your home better than you?
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