Powder Room Makeover Reveal

Remember that powder room that I picked apart a couple of weeks ago? If you don't recall, here's the post about staging a powder room for resale. Here's a refresher picture.

unstaged powder room.jpg

Confession: That's my powder room. Well, it WAS my powder room. But now, THIS is my powder room. 

powder room makeover reveal.jpg

I have to admit, I got every bit of inspiration for this powder room from that wallpaper. Sourcing a navy grasscloth, I accidentally ordered a sample of this last summer. It sat on my desk for a really, really long time. I would just stare at it. I fall in love very easily, especially with home decor. But this was a little much for even me. I mean, I really obsessed. Eventually, I taped it to the wall in the powder room and just left it there for months, hoping it would grow on Christine. 

the view from my office. I mean, I just.

the view from my office. I mean, I just.

I repainted with the same color that's in my office: Behr Marquis Granite Dust. The only wall that I papered is the very back wall. This is for two reasons; 1. The whole room would be too much pattern and too much money. Wallpaper isn't cheap. This roll was $85. So to keep costs low, always consider how you can make the biggest impact using the smallest amount. Sometimes, this means hanging the wallpaper only above a chair rail or half wall of tile, like this bathroom from At Home With Ashley:

Photo Credit: At Home With Ashley

Photo Credit: At Home With Ashley

Or on the ceiling, like this room from Addison's Wonderland blog:

Photo Credit: Addison's Wonderland blog

Photo Credit: Addison's Wonderland blog

Then there's always a very high picture rail option, like Hi, Sugarplum's bathroom pictured below:

Photo Credit: Hi Sugarplum blog

Photo Credit: Hi Sugarplum blog

The major takeaway is that if you're going to use a very graphic or dark pattern, limit the amount of wall space you dedicate. Less is more. Now, let's see a close-up of my powder room (because I just can't get enough of it):


Here's my view from my office. I've always kept that door closed because my webcam faces the French doors. Now I can't wait to fling those doors open on all of my Skype calls! 

no longer embarrassed to have a toilet in my foyer!

no longer embarrassed to have a toilet in my foyer!

If you want to tackle this project yourself, I have wonderful news for you - IT WAS COMPLETED FOR LESS THAN $500! Here are the sources:

1. Brewster Home Fashions Palm Leaf Wallpaper - Wayfair - $85

2. Willa Arlo Interiors Wall Mirror - Wayfair - $138

3. Custodio 3 Bulb Vanity Light - Wayfair - $75

4. Felix Tumbler - Target - $8

5. Felix Lotion Pump - Target - $10

6. Melody Garden Stool - Amazon - $75

7. Olive & Linen Turkish Hand Towel, Light Grey - Amazon - $15

8. Elegant Home Fashions Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Amazon - $55 (currently 53% off!)

9. JR Watkins Lavender Room Spray Pack of Two - Amazon - $9

10. Faux Eucalyptus Bouquet - Amazon - $10


Items we had leftover from previous projects, but you may need to purchase:
1 quart of Behr Marquis "Granite Dust" in matte - $20
1 quart of Behr Traditional White Ceiling Paint - $15
1 pint of wallpaper paste and various painting supplies - $15

And if you want to see higher resolution photos of the products I used, please visit my FAVORITES page and click on the image below:

Click FAVORITES for Powder Room Makeover Sources

Click FAVORITES for Powder Room Makeover Sources